Face Mapping

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Face Mapping

Face Mapping is a technique beauty therapists use to help determine what may be causing breakouts and inflammation in a client’s skin. It breaks the face into zones with each zone relating to a different organ, indicating what may be causing your skin issues. This technique is most helpful for those who are having a breakout that is not normal for their skin. Perhaps they do not have Oily skin or a poor skin care regime but all of a sudden, they get a breakout across their forehead or chin. Maybe they suffer redness and inflammation across their cheeks or red ears. When someone is suffering acne over the majority of their face we would consider things like major hormonal changes such as puberty and other factors discussed in my blog about Oily and Acne skins rather than relying on Face Mapping.

There are many images for face mapping available on the internet and of course they can vary in opinion. In this blog I have included 3 images I consider closest to what I have been taught over the years. What we can take from face mapping is the impact of our emotional and physical health on our skin, our biggest organ.

I will break the face into zones, explain what they are related to and then give you some things to consider if you are suffering breakouts there.

face mapping

As an example, I thought I’d share a little story with you…Recently I had a laser tattoo removal session and a dreaded cold sore. I am one of the lucky ones who only rarely suffers pimples, so when I get one I really notice it. Two days after my laser session I woke up to a breakout on my right temple. Looking at the face maps, they indicate my liver and spleen, so I researched what our spleen does…. It fights infection! My spleen is obviously working overtime to try to heal the blisters on my leg from the laser and my nasty little cold sore. Mind blown! The liver also plays a huge part in laser tattoo removal as it is responsible for eliminating the shattered tattoo ink pigment. Amazing!

The Zones

Forehead- Breakouts on the forehead can relate to the bladder, colon and small intestines. They can also be caused by having a fringe, sweat, lack of sleep or stress.

Between the brows- You may experience breakouts or dryness and inflammation here if you have liver issues or maybe had a little too much alcohol or greasy food

Under the eyes- Under the eyes are related to the kidneys, liver, intestines and colon. We may suffer dark circles and puffiness. These can also be caused by lack of sleep or it may be hereditary. If you’ve tried everything and still have dark circles, it is no doubt hereditary.

Temples- Breakouts here can be caused by stress on the liver and spleen

Ears- Red ears are associated with the kidneys

Cheeks- We can suffer breakouts, redness, inflammation and dryness here if we suffer with lung or respiratory issues including allergies and asthma but also if we are a smoker/exposed to passive smoke or live/work among a lot of pollution. The cheeks can also be associated with gut health/stomach issues and food intolerances.

Nose- A red, inflamed nose can indicate heart issues such as blood pressure and poor circulation.

Upper lip- Breakouts across the top lip can indicate hormonal issues and can also be associated with the stomach and intestines

Sides of mouth- Breakouts on the sides of the mouth can be caused by issues in the colon and large intestines

Chin- Breakouts on the chin most commonly mean hormonal issues. It could be a hormonal imbalance or could simply indicate ovulation/your menstrual cycle.

Jawline- Breakouts along the jawline can be caused by poor hygiene/skin care regime or stomach issues

Neck- Breakouts on the neck can indicate a thyroid problem or can occur from illness

face map

 What you can do

There are many simple things you can try to combat breakouts and inflammation and if these tips don’t help improve your skin I recommend seeing your doctor if you feel you may have any health concerns. This blog is not meant as a medical diagnosis.

For issues relating to the liver, kidneys, bladder, colon, stomach and the small and large intestines consider your diet and water intake.

Have you been overeating?

Have you been over indulging on sugar/processed foods/alcohol/greasy foods?

Have you been drinking enough water? When it comes to water intake we must remember that caffeine dehydrates us. As a general rule, one cup of coffee requires a litre of water to rehydrate us. I am all for that cup of coffee in the morning but after that I suggest having caffeine-free herbal teas and water. Alcohol also dehydrates us so avoid excessive consumption. Another great way to keep hydrated is through foods with high water content such as oranges, cucumbers, celery etc

I cannot stress enough the importance of keeping our body and skin hydrated. It really does make a difference.

If you suffer food allergies or intolerances and still eat those foods anyway, not only are you making yourself physically sick, it is more than likely showing in your skin. Avoid your triggers as much as you possibly can. Not only will you feel better internally but your skin will love you for it too. I promise! Each time we eat the foods we are sensitive to it impacts our gut health as well. Consider taking a probiotic to help restore gut health and help reduce redness and inflammation in your skin.

Have you been getting enough fibre? Fibre helps us feel full and is essential for our digestive system.

If you are suffering breakouts on your forehead I recommend getting enough sleep, eating a balanced diet and drinking plenty of water. If you have a fringe, consider pinning it off your face for a while and see if that makes a difference.

Pollution impacts our skin as well. It is important to keep your skin clean and protected with free radical scavengers. If you smoke, consider quitting. If you are around smokers remember passive smoke impacts us too. Cigarette smoke causes free radical damage to our cells causing a dull appearance and premature aging. For some it can cause redness and inflammation across the cheeks.

It is well known that the chin is associated with hormones. If you are suffering a lot of breakouts in this area it is worth speaking with your doctor, so you can see about balancing your hormones. If you only suffer the odd pimple here, it is more than likely associated with your menstrual cycle, in which case I suggest investing in a good spot treatment to use as needed.

With dark circles and puffiness around the eyes there are a few things to try. Increase your water intake, get 8 hours sleep every night and use a good eye cream with Vitamins A, C and E, ensuring you apply in gentle outward movements, draining any fluid and toxins from the eyes towards the lymph nodes. If these things do not help reduce the dark circles or puffiness it may be hereditary. Look at your family members? Does anyone else suffer the same? If so, I still recommend all of the above but also a good concealer.

face map

So, to sum it all up… eat well, drink plenty of water, minimise alcohol and caffeine, get plenty of sleep, reduce stress and keep your skin clean, balanced and protected. It sounds like a lot, but it really is just good self-care. And you deserve it! If you are doing all of this and your skin is still freaking out it might be time to see your doctor.

Many Blessings,



MAYA Beauty & Dermal Therapy


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